Chopawamsic (chop-ah-wahm-zik), means "Isolated Lodge" in Algonquian (American-Indian)


Close enough for daily commute to Washington D.C.


Take a walk around this 13-Acre human-sized island in less than an hour, without bumping into neighbors!

Swim in privacy and fish from your own property.

Close to Colonial Williamsburg, Bull Run Battlefield, Mount Vernon, Shenandoah National Park, Nations Capital, and numerous other world-class attractions. 

Close enough for daily luxury-class shopping, dining, and entertainment.


Private Beaches & Sheltered Coves

Rare Plants & Wildlife

The island is home to a mix of different wildlife habitats. Wetland species particularly benefit from the habitat; flocks of black swans, white swans, geese,  and ducks utilize the sheltered area for feeding and resting. Migratory songbirds abound during the temperate months, with intense activity in the spring. Ospreys and bald eagles occur here, as do waders such as green heron, great egret, and great blue heron.


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